Biotest Grow Bioactive Whey

December 3, 2009

Biotest has recently released a new whey protein product so I contacted them to get more details.

They claim that the product is hormone and antibiotic free but when I asked for a certificate but they said they they did not have a certificate to back this up. So what does this mean? It means that the product may in fact contain hormones and antibiotics – not something you want to be drinking.

When asked about the feed used with the cattle their reply was “The cattle are raised on primarily grass, but may be fed grains as well.” So now they are saying that the cattle are grain fed…. this means two things.

1. Changes the composition of the milk

2. VERY high chances of being contaminated with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) from the grains being fed to the animals.

When I asked them about the GMO concern I was cut off from any further communication and they refused to answer any questions.

Is this really you want to be buying your supplements from? Personally I will not touch Biotest supplements and do not recommend them to anyone.

RATING: 0/10 (the worst rating so far)


Fat Gripz

October 29, 2009

If you want to get strong fast, fat-grip training can help but rather than buy a whole new set of dumbbells and barbells you can get devices on the market that attach to the bars that you allow you to do fat-grip training with a normal diameter bar.

Now the quality of these products vary from useless to perfect….. this is one of the perfect products – FAT GRIPZ.


Delivery is a little slow (free shipping) but they are a very honest company – our delivery got lost some how so they sent us another pair AND refunded our purchase . Maybe some of the big corporate should take an example from this small company providing great costumer service.

I’ve had a few other coaches try them out and they commented that they were far better than the ones that they had tried in the past so if you are looking at fat-grip training then these could well be the solution you are looking for.

You can get them from

RATING: 9/10


February 20, 2009

by Alwyn Cosgrove


I though I would start on a positive, reviewing a product I did like. The first name that came to mind was Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn has always put out great products and Afterburn was one of his first products but it has lasted the test of time.

If you are looking for a simple solution for fat loss then this could well be the answer you are looking for. Not only does Alwyn provide you with a complete blueprint for success but also provides logical scientific reasons for his approach to fat loss. Gone are the days of spending hours on the treadmill now you can lose fat, increase muscle tone faster than ever before.

Afterburn also provide a simple diet plan that really works. Sometimes the most simple answers are the best answers and in this case it couldn’t be more true.

This product delivers what it promises and you can trust that if you follow the advise in this book you will succeed in you fat loss endeavors.

RATING: 9/10